Who are we?

Nocthonax Arts is an independent media company from Croatia. We forged a massive universe, and we wish to tell many exciting stories. Our goal is to gather a community around NocthoVerse, the community that we can have fun and create with. 

We are a team of passionate programmers, visual artists and writers with a big dream. One of our end goals, besides making many entertaining games, comics, novels and running engaging events, is to try and help boost local industry and production of any kind of modern creative entertainment. 



What's the point of all this if we, the creators and the community, don’t have fun? We wish to include you, and the whole community in various small events we plan to host. From things for fun, like game tournaments and puzzle hunts, to events focused on showing off the creativity of our community, like game jams, writing competitions and art competitions. 

We wish to create together - with you. We will always try to reward those who show exceptional skill or effort.


Media and art

We have so many stories we want to tell and so many art mediums to explore, so why not match each story with the best medium for it? 

We will be focusing on exploring NocthoVerse and show you the snippets of it through video games, comic books, short stories, visual novels, novels, animations… whatever fits the needs of our story and can help push the experience forward.