Who are we and what is NocthoVerse?

Nocthonax Arts is an indie media company, we made our unique and expansive fantasy universe, NocthoVerse, in which we want to tell stories and explore many ideas and characters.

We believe some stories are better shown than told, so we decided not to only write about the NocthoVerse but to present stories in a visual medium such as video games or comics. So, to keep it short, Nocthonax Arts is the company, which created NocthoVerse, in which we make video games, comic books, visual novels, novels, short stories etc.

Currently we are actively working on:

  • Garden One: crowdfunding NFT set

  • Rabbit Hole: comic book, which will be released digitally only

  • NocthoVerse.com: a website containing lore and details about the universe, the official wiki

We have two visual novels and a video game queued up, waiting for the team to finish their current tasks and for more resources to come our way so the team can expand.

- setup:
   - NocthonaxArts.com
   - NocthoVerse.com
   - Community Discord

- Garden One | NFT :
  - whitepaper
  - plan art
  - start marketing
  - presale

- Rabbit Hole:
  - finish thumbs
  - alpha read

- Puzzle hunt event

Q1 2022

- Garden One | NFT :
  - finish art
  - public sale
  - distribute

- Rabbit Hole:

- Story writing event

- Visual novel #1:
  - finish preproduction

  - start production


- Crypto basic course

Q2 2022

- Visual novel #1:
  - release

- Art event

- Visual novel #2: 

  - finish preproduction


- Mind Runner:
   - course release

Q3 2022

- Visual novel #3 /     "CA:POP" : 

  - pick one based on vote
  - start production


- Project L: 
   - start production

- Visual novel #2:
   - release

Q4 2022